Pinterest projects, petit fours and pots of fondue

Firstly, I apologize for lack of content — you know life happened. But I’m back now bringing you yes, Pinterest projects, petit fours and pots of fondue.

Pinterest project wine cork letters:

It took about 3-4 months of collecting and 1-2 months of procrastinating and 1-2 hours of intensive hot glue battle but here is the newest artistic piece to our kitchen!


Petit fours:

I became extremely ambitious for my dearest mother’s birthday, no ordinary cake would do for her “45th birthday” so I made petit fours. Tiny, delicious, tiered cakes with chocolate, cream, and jelly filled layers. Sorry I can’t provide a more concise recipe for the ones I made but let’s face it, I wing most of my recipes and that’s well that’s it…. Enjoy! Chocolate covered one has blackberry filling and the royal icing covered ones have chocolate ganache filling.




Petit fours:


Royal icing:

Finally, the pot-o-fondue:

Brie pesto dip! So delish and simple — happy weekend!! Now to catch up on Boardwalk Empire and the Newsroom!




Brie and pesto fondue:


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