‘Cause I Can’t Help FALL-ing in Love with You…

Yes I love fall. Terrible title pun intended.

Sunny autumn Saturday mornings make me want to run in circles until I’m about to pass out then fall down in a pile of leaves. I want to eat these until I puke, carve gourds, buy new sweaters, sip spiked cider and make every apple/pumpkin recipe known to (wo)man.

And this marvelous season has begun my friends. Starting with pot roast and festive wreaths. Photos below, recipe even further and please, please go out and enjoy the best time to be a Midwesterner. OH — and give me all of your apple/pumpkin recipes so I can kind-of-but-not-really follow them and make delicious treats for the lucky few who I share these delectable bites.

Mama Margaret’s Perfect Pot Roast


What you will need:
Frying pan and crockpot
Chuck roast or Rump roast
Couple handfuls of baby carrots
4 to 5 red potatoes
1 large white onion
Minced garlic
Beef broth
Olive oil


The key players that make this roast different (better) than others:
Domestic light beer (Someone left a colors light in our fridge thus it worked for this occasion)
3 to 4 pepperoncini peppers

First most important step:
Heat oil in your frying pan and generously season your hunk of meat with salt and pepper.
Then when the pan is nice and hot, sear your meat on all sides until brown then set aside to rest for a couple of minutes.

This is so important because it will lock in the juices of the meat and make sure it stays moist (how many people cringed here? Hahaha the word does nothing to me!) throughout the long cook time.

Pour a little beef broth into the crock pot and turn on high — then in goes your meat.
In your still hot frying pan, pour in some of your beer and scrape the bottom with your spatula to get all the good tiddlybits and pieces your beef left behind. Pour juicy succulent remnants over beef and empty the rest of the can into crockpot.

Then chop your veggies into similar sized pieces, fairly big, to ensure even heating and that they wont overcook waiting on the meat. Throw it all in the pot with 2-3 little scoops of minced garlic and the peppers.

Set a cook timer for 4-6 hours and walk away. Possibly do the running in circles falling in leaves thing.

Upon returning at the sound of the buzzer set to low for 2 hours.

Carve a gourd, Come back, turn off heat.

Enjoy and serve with a nice piece of sourdough toast — and send a thank you to my mama.

Happy fall!!



Pinterest projects, petit fours and pots of fondue

Firstly, I apologize for lack of content — you know life happened. But I’m back now bringing you yes, Pinterest projects, petit fours and pots of fondue.

Pinterest project wine cork letters:

It took about 3-4 months of collecting and 1-2 months of procrastinating and 1-2 hours of intensive hot glue battle but here is the newest artistic piece to our kitchen!


Petit fours:

I became extremely ambitious for my dearest mother’s birthday, no ordinary cake would do for her “45th birthday” so I made petit fours. Tiny, delicious, tiered cakes with chocolate, cream, and jelly filled layers. Sorry I can’t provide a more concise recipe for the ones I made but let’s face it, I wing most of my recipes and that’s well that’s it…. Enjoy! Chocolate covered one has blackberry filling and the royal icing covered ones have chocolate ganache filling.




Petit fours: http://ohmysugarhigh.com/quick-and-easy-no-bake-pound-cake-petit-fours/

Ganache: http://lemongrassbakery.com/blog/2010/03/ganache-and-petit-fours/

Royal icing: http://www.brit.co/color-blocked-petit-fours/

Finally, the pot-o-fondue:

Brie pesto dip! So delish and simple — happy weekend!! Now to catch up on Boardwalk Empire and the Newsroom!




Brie and pesto fondue: http://www.bestfondue.com/brie-fondue-recipe.html