Cheese Stuffed Fried Olives with Spicy Aioli

I was really in the mood for fried pickles tonight, but was immediately disappointed when I opened our fridge to find 3 sad, hamburger style pickle slices floating in green juice. So on to the next task, what else can I deep fry? My eyes landed on the giant jar of Lindsay Spanish queens. I decided to de-pimento them and create a stuffing for them. Cheese seemed like a natural companion to this briney snack. So below is a really quick and easy recipe (sorry I’m not great with measurements since I kind of just fly by the seat of my pants while cooking) for cheese stuffed fried olives and (since no fried snack is complete with out a dipping sauce) spicy aioli.

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Large pimento stuffed green olives

Ricotta cheese

Cream cheese

Lemon juice

Salt Pepper, galic salt, other spices (to taste)


Panko crumbs

Bread crumb

2 Eggs


Salt, pepper, garlic salt, other spices  (to taste)

Vegetable oil or olive oil (to fry them in)

Spicy Aioli:

1/2 cup mayo

2 tablespoons sour cream

Lemon juice

Olive juie

Dijon mustard


Hot sauce (just a touch)

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1. De-pimento your olives and set aside.

2. Mix equal amounts of cream cheese and ricotta, season with just a splash of lemon juice, and salt, pepper, galic salt, maybe some paprika to taste.

3. Scoop cheese mixture into a ziplock bag and seal. Then cut off a small piece of the corner (maybe 1/2 an inch). This will allow you to easily pipe the cheese mixture into the hollow olive.

4. Once you’ve piped all your olives, now come the time for you to bread them. You will need 3 small bowls (sometimes I use tea cups because my bowls are too big and I end up wasting a lot of bread crumbs).

  • Bowl 1: 1/2 cup or 1 cup of flour, youcan always add more
  • Bowl 2: 2 eggs, beaten until combined
  • Bowl 3: Equal mixture of regular bread crumbs and panko bread crumbs, as well as salt, pepper, garlic salt, other spices  (to taste)

5. Pour oil into sauce pan over medium to medium high heat, oil should come to about 1/3 to half the way up the pan and be at about 350 degrees F — honestly I just guess the temp its at, but thats what other sites are saying for other fried foods (if you have a tiny sauce pan or tall or skinny one, this is better because you waste less oil but still get the depth for frying)

6. While the oil is heating up, roll your first lil guy in flour, then dunk into the egg mixtures and gently roll in the  bread crumbs — tada! Repeat until all are coated (on a side note: you might need to pause in the middle of the batch to refill bread crumb mixture or wash your fingers because the crumbs will build up on them and its difficult to operate that way)

7. When the oil is hot (might consider using a test olive) drop 4-5 olive in at a time and let them sizzle for 2 minutes or so. Using a slottted spoon, scoop them up when they are golden brown and let them rest on a plate covered with a bed of paper towel to catch the oil.

8. Once you’ve cooked them all and they are cooling slightly, it’s time to whip up the aioli. In a small bowl, combine mayo, sour cream, a splash of lemon juice, a splash of olive juie, a little squirt of Dijon mustard, sprinkle of paprika, and a dash of hot sauce.

9. Serve with the slightly warm olives and enjoy!