25 Days of Christmas Cookies Challenge: Day 25


Super Chunky Christmas Cookies — recipe can be found at:


25 Days of Christmas Cookies Challenge: Day 19



Black and White Checkerboard Cookies — recipe can be found at: http://cookandbemerry.com/black-and-white-checkerboard-cookies/

Okay, okay, back it up….

I know they aren’t checkered, they are striped — I f’d up everyone

Yes, I, Dassie, royally screwed up these cookies, but damn, they are time intensive — don’t believe me? Check out the recipe, like seriously hours and hours. They still taste extremely good, so screw it.

Oh, yeah, and I made these —



Penguin Dressed Strawberries — recipe can be found at: http://pinterest.com/pin/119556565079659573/

Overall? A tasty cookie and badass birds, I’m not upset. Maybe just a little. But still more accomplished in the kitchen than you were last night.