Fabulous Fall Fun

To honor all the fabulous aspects of autumn, we decided to act in fall fashion and check out the pumpkin patch — my first expedition not in IL so I actually had to ask where people around here go.


Turns out they go to Stony Creek Farms… and so our adventure begins.

First we hit the big, bouncy thing — we were a little worried about her size and the other people’s heathen mongrels running around.


Mia was not — clearly.

(kid in the ponytail and pink patched sweater/leggings — little hipster, I know)

 Then we raced some ducks.

Alright Austin, you’re racing 3-5 year-olds, of course you’re going to win — try not to look so smug about it… 

I told her we could get cotton candy if we took a nice picture —

— it worked!

We also found the perfect pumpkin… right… around…  this… tree.

Okay, actually we found 3… (4 if you count the pasty one in the middle with the pink stem)

On to the pony express.

I swear she actually wanted to ride this pony, I promise I didn’t force it — I mean even though we did spend $5 extra. Totally voluntary.

And to conclude…

We’re just a couple of peas in a pod basically.

… or pumpkins in a patch…

seems more fitting for this post.

Happy fall.