Mexican night with a couple of Gringos

My favorite co-chef and I love Mexican. We also really love margaritas. 

So we started with the drinks … and guacamole. 




Black beans with cilantro and Spanish rice

Image  Image



to compliment our pepper, onion, and cheese enchiladas!





And special thanks to the boyfriend for another awesome meal and weekend to remember 🙂


Life’s a zoo…

We took my little cousin to the zoo.

I think we had more fun than she did. 




 We facepainted…











touched some sharks.









There were cheetahs eyeing small children like fat kids eye cake at a birthday party.



It was mildly disturbing.


All in all, we had a blast, despite the heat,

the eventual “I’m-cranky-its-nap-time,” sudden shower, and ice cream debacle.




(And yes, if you were wondering, we stopped at the gift shop and I drop a considerable amount of change on this princess. “Aunt Dassie, um, can I maybe get this too? I really love it and you.” Gets me everytime…)