Arts and Crafts and Finally-Hanging-Up-Decor-After-Living-Here-10-Months Night!


Red canvas went up tonight — birthday gift, so thats not so bad.


Veggie prints I painted for the kitchen, well okay, they were already up (courtesy of the BF), BUT I sprayed them with a clear coat and hung them back up… straight and everything! Now I just need to finish the other 3 that go above those…. We’ll save that for another night.


“Who’s that girl in the red and green? She’s a man’s desire, she’s the one they call a dream, she’s the one they all admire. Talkin’ ’bout AL-PH-A CHI O, Alpha Chi at Bradley U is the only way to go now!” Okay, so yeah, I graduated – I am still a sorority girl through and through. So after sitting on my floor for 10 months (sorry Anna AllenOlive BurnettBertha DenistonAmy DuBoisNellie GambleBessie Grooms, and Estelle Leonard)  I finally found a place for my beloved paddles!


And finally, the 3 canvas that are waiting to receive their purpose. I am still debating what to paint on them and they will be going above my bed. Stay tuned for the final results…


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