Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

“I have a dream that one day little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls.”
― Martin Luther King Jr., I Have A Dream

(cheesy, I know, but how perfect is this picture?!) — my little cousin Mia and her friend Nicole


Meet me in Saint Louis

Beer tours, old friends, family functions, and new experiences

a little of the STL skyline

party bus



We started the weekend off with a brewery tour in downtown STL — this party bus was our chariot.

No, I’m not kidding.

Yes, I actually rode in this frightening contraption.




Our tour consisted of the following microbreweries:

4 Hands Brewing Co.

 Perennial Artisan Ales

Six Row Brewing Company

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company

Natalie and I




Girls just want to have fun – loved catching up :]







beer sampling



Lagers, ales, ambers, oh my! We had some great local brews and even better conversation — Saint louis, you might be growing on me!






The belly of the beast







Final thoughts…

Thank you cabbie for indulging my photo request

Thank you boyfriend for tolerating my ridiculousness and overall patience

Thank you Saint Louis for a fun time, as usual

me 'n' my bouf in my bouf's coupe ridin'

Another happy ending to another fun-filled weekend


Life’s good

Like a peach series…


I tend to bruise easily, so I’m constantly discovering new “bad spots” on my person, so I decided to start chronicling them here. And don’t worry, no ones beating me, I probably actually ran into a door in this case.

Arts and Crafts and Finally-Hanging-Up-Decor-After-Living-Here-10-Months Night!


Red canvas went up tonight — birthday gift, so thats not so bad.


Veggie prints I painted for the kitchen, well okay, they were already up (courtesy of the BF), BUT I sprayed them with a clear coat and hung them back up… straight and everything! Now I just need to finish the other 3 that go above those…. We’ll save that for another night.


“Who’s that girl in the red and green? She’s a man’s desire, she’s the one they call a dream, she’s the one they all admire. Talkin’ ’bout AL-PH-A CHI O, Alpha Chi at Bradley U is the only way to go now!” Okay, so yeah, I graduated – I am still a sorority girl through and through. So after sitting on my floor for 10 months (sorry Anna AllenOlive BurnettBertha DenistonAmy DuBoisNellie GambleBessie Grooms, and Estelle Leonard)  I finally found a place for my beloved paddles!


And finally, the 3 canvas that are waiting to receive their purpose. I am still debating what to paint on them and they will be going above my bed. Stay tuned for the final results…